About my blog

My name is Leanne, I am a Warwick University graduate and I have written this blog as a traveller’s guide to some areas of Tanzania, especially the Mtwara region in Southern Tanzania, near the Mozambique boarder. I went to Tanzania for a few months in Summer 2010 with the charity Read International which aims to provide resources, mainly text books to the educational system in Tanzania and Uganda. I joined the charity whilst at university and was part of the Warwick team in Tanzania, our task was to distribute text books to 27 secondary schools in the Mtwara region and refurbish a disused school library. Before I was due to leave for Tanzania, I attempted to research our assigned region of Mtwara however, I found next to nothing on the internet relating to accommodation, travel and general living in Mtwara. There was also very little information aimed at travellers on Tanzania itself, even Dar es Salaam. Having returned from Tanzania, I have decided to condense my experiences, advice and new-found knowledge of Tanzania and Zanzibar in this blog for people who are travelling to Tanzania or who are generally interested. This will be a diary/guide of my experiences including all of the information I wish I had been able to find before I left for Tanzania, as well as corrections to the information in the popular guide books which, with no internet once in Africa, become the travellers only way ¬†of obtaining information.

Please let me know if you have been to Tanzania recently and have found that any of the information I have provided has changed e.g. prices and travel options, and I shall update the site.

I hope you enjoy reading, any comments are welcome.


3 Responses to About my blog

  1. Ravi says:

    Very informative blog about Mtwara, Tanzania! Its probably the only authoritative one on the region. Keep the good work going! I have been to Mtwara and really liked the Shangani beach.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. My daughter will
    Be volunteering in Mtwara for eight weeks. I have been researching local swahili songs that are current and would be familiar to the locals at this current time? Do you have amy suggestions? Thank you in advance for your input.

  3. venance says:

    oooh nice. Mtwara is my home and there is many improvement as compared to those days when you were here.Due to discovery of oil and gas, government tried to improve infrastructure and communication in general.for more information and details about mtwara you can write to Venanceeduard@yahoo.com

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