Safari means ‘journey’ in Swahili, and is by far the most wonderful journey you can experience in Tanzania. We didn’t make plans for safari before leaving the UK but knew we did not want to miss the opportunity and luckily, Jimmy was back again to help us. After rescuing us from homelessness in Mtwara, Jimmy left his contact details with us as his brother ran safaris in the Selous Game Reserve. We used this contact and were able to get a 2 day safari for $300 US each. The price included a nights accommodation, dinner and breakfast in Dar es Salaam, travel to the Selous in the morning in a jeep, boat safari, accommodation, jeep safari the next day and travel back to Dar with all of our meals included at the Selous. Unlike the safari parks in the north which are national parks, the Selous is a game reserve and offers a totally different experience. As the Selous is only a couple of hundred feet above sea level, the terrain is more woodland than grassland and the Rufiji River is truly spectacular for boat safari. It is also one of the places where one can walk and camp most freely. Whether on a wilderness walking safari for a number of days, or camping out for a single night as part of a stay at a permanent camp there is a great diversity of habitats to explore, from islands in the middle of the Rufiji river to the shores of one of the many lakes. However we, of course, were too terrified of hippos and lions to camp on safari and instead stayed in tree houses.

On the morning of the first safari day, we left Dar es Salaam early in the morning and headed for Hippo Camp in the Selous game reserve. We had to leave for Safari from Dar instead of Mtwara as the entrance to the reserve is from the north. The 5 hour journey to Selous included 3 and a half hours of unmade bumpy roads through many small villages. Once we reached Hippo Camp we were shown our accommodation by the river:


Day 1- Boat Safari:


Day 2- Jeep Safari:


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